An iconic South facing Couloir


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The Banana on Ross Peak is one of the more aesthetic lines in the Northern Bridgers.

You can see this South facing chute from many places on the highway, and at Bridger Bowl.

It does take some effort to get to, making it even more sought after.

There are three ways to get here, but the easiest and most direct is from Bracket creek.

Park at the Bracket creek parking lot then head up the North fork road.

Take the main creek drainage about 2.5 miles, then start heading up to the right as the trees thin out and you start to see Ross Peak really well.

Take these trees up to the East shoulder and eventually up the East face.

Skin up a moderately steep section for about 400 feet until you reach the top of the East face.

From here, remove your skins and head a little south - the Banana will open up beneath you about 60 feet down and left.

The line is way wider than you would've thought - about 80 feet.

Its also not that steep, only about 35 degrees.

Keep skiing all the way down the gully underneath and you will have a 1500 feet uninterrupted descent.

Keep heading down the ravine to your earlier skin track.