Wide turns to a narrow rock walled chute out into a long gulley









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Lower Slushman's Ravine is where a lot of upper lines eventually finish.

You will eventually be in the Lower Ravine if you ski anything from Ravine South to Close call to name a few.

This area obviously gets hammered by skiers and can get pretty bumpy.

The sun can affect the snow down here, but will sty chalky for most of the season.

The slopes here aren't steep enough to get sluffed out, so you usually won't have to deal with a debris pile.

Start from under the crux chute of Slushman's Ravine, skiing fall line.

You'll first get wide open turns as you near a low angle, narrow chute.

This chute may have a few rocks in it early season, but will fill in nicely by the middle.

It's about 15ft wide.

After the chute, keep skiing fall line as the line turns into a wide gentle gully.

Watch out for traverses coming from the North and moguls, which will get larger the lower you go.

This line ends at the road near the bottom Schlasman's gate.