Steep, rocky, exposed, gnar zone









FATMAP difficulty grade



Good Grief is a prominent rock area just North of Bitter Sweet.

There are a few lines through this zone.

Only confident, experienced skier's should ski in this area, the potential for injury is high if you botch a turn.

The sun doesn't get to Good Grief, and it doesn't get hit too hard.

It does get sluffed out regularly, so don't expect powder turns.

Get to the top of Bitter Sweet and head North from just a couple turns down.

You'll be looking down a ramp with staubs, small trees, and rocks.

Make your turns carefully getting down this ramp.

Left at the end of the ramp is a nice take off to at least a 15 footer that puts you in the runout of Cottom's Classic.

Just before the take off and to the right is a tight, angled chute that runs left to right.

This chute is pretty rocky and your exit will have to be a very hard left turn through medium sized trees.

This pointer is pretty fast, and the run out isn't always that great.

The third option for Good Grief is the most extreme.

Head a few more turns down the left chute of Bitter Sweet and look over a rock ledge, you will see a short tight chute that falls off into the abyss.

You have to point it and pre jump, avoiding the rocks on the ledge.

This large air will send you at least 25ft into the trees at the bottom of the angled chute.