The easiest way into the bowl, also the widest









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There are many ways to access the famous wide-open terrain of Whistler Bowl, many of which are lines that feature intimidating and sketchy entrances.

The main entrance to Whistler Bowl is the most friendly and also the widest.

There is no cornice to negotiate your way around, and it does not have a tricky and steep chute entrance like West Cirque.

The main entrance into Whistler Bowl is located on the right at the top of the Peak Express, and is well-marked.

As it is the easiest way into the bowl compared to the other plethora of options, this wider entrance is more popular and can get busy while everyone waits their turn to drop in.

This main route will position you to ski right into the heart of the bowl below, and enjoy the wide open space of this massive bowl.

If it hasn't snowed recently, moguls in Whistler Bowl can grow to a very large size and become extremely hard-packed.

You will able to scope the entrance and conditions from above on your way up to access it on the Peak Express.

After finishing up in Whistler Bowl, you still have an expansive area of great terrain below on the lower areas of the Peak zone before you reach the base of the Peak Express.

A friendly entrance into Whistler Bowl for all that want to get a feel for the bowl before they step up to more challenging lines and entrances, this is a great place to start!