An awesome high alpine hike packed with refuges and panoramic views of the Livigno Valley and beyond.


3 - 4









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Head up the Carosello 3000 for awesome views and access to some of the highest peaks in the valley.

From the Carosello 3000 top station head in the direction of the alpine lake Lac Salin and on to the bottom of the Federia chairlift.

The landscapes surrounding you are rocky and dry as you're way above the treeline here.

If you're lucky, you may spot some wildflowers peeking out of the rocks or a whistling marmot crossing your tracks.

The trail quickly climbs up a narrow twisting path, skirting just below the peak of Pizzo Cantone (2904m) and on to Monte delle Rezze (2858m).

You will come to the "Madonon Baitel" refuge where you can stop for a coffee or even stay the night.

From Madonon you begin the downhill, heading in the direction of "Baitel de Canton" along a narrow and winding steep path.

After around a 600 metre drop, you hit the treeline.

Follow the trail 158 to "Baitel del Plascianet" and on through wildflower meadows to the "Baitel del Plascianet".

Keep following the 158 to the intermediate station of Carosello 3000.

From here, take the lift down or keep going on the 157 through thick forest to Forcola.

Turn left onto the "Tee Trail" number 190, which will take you all the way back to your starting point.