A long traverse along the side of Lac des Dix to the well positioned Dix Hut


4 - 5









FATMAP difficulty grade



Leave the hut climbing approximately 200m of vertical to the Col des Roux.

It's worth leaving early before the south and east facing slopes around the Lac des Dix get too much sun, particularly later in the season.

From the Col des Roux, take a slightly descending traverse aiming to hold as much height as possible.

Sweep around the streams above La Barma before again taking another traverse to get as far as possible along side the Lac des Dix.

Eventually, the inevitable switch to skins will be required allowing you to continue towards the Pas du Chat.

Climb up here avoiding the small rock outcrops and gully on the left hand side a little by taking a higher line.

Continue upwards taking a logical line that joins the old moraine of the Glacier de Cheilon, before dropping down onto the glacier slightly.

Rather than climbing direct to the hut, swing around onto the glacier to the left skiing below the large rock buttress ahead.

After this obstacle the short (and often hot) climb awaits to the Dix Hut which is well positioned with an excellent view of Mont Blanc de Cheilon.