A ridgeline offering many lines into a bowl


5 - 6









FATMAP difficulty grade



Towers Ridge is easy to reach from the Saddle chair.

From the top of the Saddle it's easiest to skin up to the obvious ridgeline on looker's left and follow this to Wedding Cake Rock.

Once you reach Wedding Cake Rock you carry on past it and another ridgeline will appear to your right that stretches along way.

This whole ridgeline is yours to ski - drop in on the left hand side and you can get many laps in.

Don't ski down too far as it cliffs out, you will be able to see where you should stop from the ridgeline itself. This is a popular heli ski spot, so be prepared to share this part of the mountain. You will also notice that when you look into this bowl, directly in front of you is Gottleib's peak which will give you an idea where you are. There are many ways out, the easiest being to ski to the top of the Motutapu chutes and ride down to the valley floor if you have time.

Otherwise you can just skin back out to the top of the Saddle chair. If you have time and the snow is stable then I suggest skinning up to Gotleib's and riding that to the valley floor.