Gottliebs is just beyond the ski area boundary and is great for short ski tours.


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The easiest way to reach Gottleibs is to hike/skin up above Motutapu chutes until you reach the ridgeline.

From here you get spectacular 360 degree views.

Drop down and keep heading skier's right until you reach a saddle with a ridgeline spreading out towards your left.

You will be above the furthest part of the Motutapu Chutes.

Walk the ridgeline up and you will reach the summit of Gottleibs (this may require a scramble up some steep rocks but it's nothing too strenuous). More incredible views await at the top, showing off Treble Cone at its best.

You need to ski the south face, which should be to your left with Treble Cone behind you.

This face is amazing - it's pretty open and there are lots of small gullies to ride.

It's a long ride down to the valley floor but in my opinion is some of the best terrain in the southern alps. Once reaching the valley floor you will need to put skins on and start the long but mellow slog back to the chairlift.

You get incredible views of the Motutapu Chutes from the bottom and if its a good day you can easily get a few runs in (if your legs allow). Make sure you take avalanche safety gear and tell someone where you are heading.

You're a long way from patrol and will be out of sight from the resort.