An easily accessible route down to the Schlegeis chairlift









FATMAP difficulty grade



The route is easy accessible and you can choose your line when riding the Schlegeis chairlift.

When you exit the Gletscherbus 3 at the highest point of the glacier you need to follow the slope number 5 and before it gets steep you need to pass the metal gates on the left side of the slope.

Beside the slope there is a small channel you need to follow for 300 metres until you can enter the south hill to the left.

Pay attention to rocks when there is not much snow.

Stay on the left at the first part for 200 metres and enjoy the snow on this long run, until you see a depression on your right.

Here you need to stay on the left about 50 metres away from the chairlift.

Now you can follow a wide channel, where you can cross the chairlift line.

Follow this channel, until it leads over a small hill.

From here you can ski the last metres down to the bottom station of the lift.

When there is enough snow it is also possible to enter the route when you exit the Schlegeis chairlift and shift over to the right side. For this route you need a lot snow, because the ground are rocks and if you go there in November, the chance of destroying your beloved skis is very high. In spring it is even more fun, when it is sunny and you have some firm snow.