A delightful romp through the aspens, without the difficult climb.


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This route combination runs from the top of the chairlift on Crested Butte Mountain Resort all the way back to the base, following two-way multi-use trails the entire time.

Don’t ride this route combination if you’re looking for a high-speed downhill rip.

Instead, head here if you’re looking for a delightful romp through the aspen trees without the difficult climb to the top. Primer and Painter Boy are both mellow, green singletrack trails that work their way down and around the far side of the mountain to reach the ridge above the main Evolution Bike Park.

These trails provide good mountain biking, but once on Columbine, the ride gets a bit more interesting. Columbine increases the downhill pitch ever so slightly and amps up the flow, providing a delightful kinesthetic experience.

Some sections still require a bit of pedaling, which will remind you that this is indeed a two-way trail, and that you could encounter uphill riders. At the same time that the pitch and speed of Columbine pick up, the trail dives into a stunning aspen grove.

During the fall, you’ll enjoy gorgeous golden aspen leaves all around as the entire grove turns at the exact same time.

Did you think you had to suffer through the brutal climbs of the Dyke Trail to enjoy beautiful fall aspen riding? Think again—head to CBMR, buy a lift ticket, and skip the hard part!