An ultra-scenic intermediate trail at CBMR.


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Meander drops off of the Primer trail and traces the far northern edge of Crested Butte Mountain Resort all the way to Gothic Road.

Being located so far out on the edge of the resort gives Meander a middle-of-nowhere feeling, even though it’s easy to access. This intermediate singletrack trail has a few tricky root and rock sections in store, but it is still very attainable for intermediate riders.

The free ride to the top on the lift means you’ll have more energy to tackle the few hard parts! As the trail meanders along the ridge above a deep river valley, you’ll enjoy stunning views of a wild, untrammeled valley directly below you, with stunning mountain peaks marching off into the distance as far as the eye can see.

Take advantage of the benches along this route to stop, sit, and soak in the view! The very end of Meander is a bit of a punch in the gut, as you have to climb steeply to get back up the ridge side and access Gothic Road.

Never fear, you’ll make it… one way or another.

To get back to the lift, coast down Gothic Road back to CBMR.