Old school DH line with massive wooden drop features.


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If you want a taste of downhill mountain biking like it used to be, head to Crusader.

It takes some significant effort to find your way over to Crusader.

Located on the far northern end of the resort, you’ll have to pedal across several two-way trails to find the top of this narrow singletrack descent.

Once down at the bottom, you’ll have to pedal down the paved road to return to the base of the lift.

Both of these factors keep most riders off this (and Wood's) trail, meaning you’ll probably have it all to yourself! This narrow, somewhat overgrown trail begins with a few big tabletop jumps, before diving into the woods and getting to the wood features.

Crusader essentially consists of big, demanding tabletop jumps and massive wooden drops.

All of the drops can be rolled, but if you’re willing to go big, you can send these drops DEEP for some massive airtime! Thankfully, large catch berms have been built at the bottom to catch riders who are railing at mach speed.

If you’re unwilling to send big tables and big wooden drops, you can still enjoy rolling through this narrow, tricky trail tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the main bike park.