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Green world is a long winding green run that starts at the top of Zephyr lift and winds it's way back down to the base area.

The entire trail is just over 6 miles long and is broken into five distinct sections by the mountain road.

Initially the trail is very flat with mellow turns and small whoops to warm up on.

There is a single wood bridge feature that is very approachable followed by a first set of easy high-low berm turns after the merger of Spicey Chicken before the first intersection with the road.

The second section includes some larger berm turns mixed in with more significant whoops to pump or catch some baby air time before a second simple wood bridge and a small climb up to the Five Points intersection.

From Five Points Green World runs parallel to Free Speech which has several wooden features, stay left for the easier route which leads into more fun and mellow switchback turns and another section of whoops before the road intersects once more.

The last section is the most fun and a chance to pick up more speed with more berms, whoops and several high-low turns mixed together before the trail dumps you out on the mountain road.

From here Green World runs parallel to the mountain road and is more of a jeep trail than single track.