The most iconic jump line at Trestle Bike Park.


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Rainmaker is widely regarded as the premier jump trail at Trestle Bike Park, and it's largely responsible for Trestle's renown as one of the best places to catch air on your mountain bike in Colorado.

This iconic jump line runs for three and a half miles down the mountainside, with countless jumps along the way! Many riders will spend all day just running laps on Rainmaker—it's easily one of the most popular trails in the bike park. The majority of the jumps on Rainmaker are tabletops that are quite forgiving.

Many of the jumps also provide two lip options so that you can tailor the amount of send that you desire. In the upper reaches of the trail, the jumps are fairly rounded and flowy, offering a great warm-up section.

As you descend, the jumps generally continue to get bigger and bigger.

Lower down, several of the jumps have downright massive lips and gaps.

While generally speaking, these jumps aren't technically doubles, on the biggest of jumps, you'll really want to clear it and nail the landing.

On these large jumps, even the "small" lips are still pretty damn big! Thankfully, even on the big doubles, there are ride-around options or wooden bridges spanning the gap that allow you to roll through and scope out the line before going full send.

Remember: pre-ride, re-ride, then freeride!