This is a moderate hike that gains access to one of the most scenic lakes in the Wasatch.


3 - 4









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Mill B is an advanced moderate hike that follows a very well traveled trail up to one of the most visited and scenic spots in the Central Wasatch.

From the S Curve parking lot in Big Cottonwood Canyon this trail follows a jeep road till it accesses the proper Mill B or "Lake Blanche" trail.

This trail is a little over 5 miles round trip with 2,700 feet of elevation gain as it center punches its way up the gut of the canyon.

From the trailhead, walk up canyon to the east along the creek for 1/4 mile until the trail branches off to the south and onto the Mill B south trail proper.

The trail is consistently quite steep as it crosses over a bridge and then switches back to climb out of the ravine.

From here it maintains a relatively straight line up the canyon without many switchbacks as it gains 2,700 vertical feet through aspen groves.

There are a few switchbacks on the west side of the canyon before it pops out onto a rocky platform.

The trail ends here at the three lakes that sit right at the foot of Sundial Peak creating a wonderful visual combination of natural beauty.