great hike that circles the Tswaing crater which leads down into the crater


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The Tswaing Meteor Crater Trail starts with a northbound heading from the picnic area on a 4x4 track.

Once you passed the first plaque, you divert from the 4x4 track onto singletrack that continues in a northbound heading.

The singletrack is mostly sand with the occasional rock, but makes for easy hiking.

The track veers eastward as you begin the approach trail to the crater impact.

From plaque 3, you'll find numerous spots to catch a glimpse of the crater floor as well as some landmarks dating back to1953. Once you reach plaque 7, the heading changes northbound.

Stay left at the intersection; passing plaque 10, you'll make the first easy ascent on the trail that takes you over a hill with a gentle descent.

A second easy ascent follows shortly thereafter with another gentle descent.

Reaching plaque 12, the trail heading turns southbound before starting a challenging descent, passing plaque 12, to the crater floor. Once at the crater floor, the trail passes along the southwestern perimeter of the lake, where you'll meet up with the old ox-wagon road.

Passing plaque 17, another ascent will begin until you reach the intersection with the trail at plaque 7.

Following the trail with a southwest heading from the intersection (left) will take you past the ruins of the salt factory.

The trail then rejoins the 4x4 track a short hike from plaque 20 that will lead you back to picnic area from which you started.