Getting from Verbier to La Tzoumaz Flow Trail and back


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The Chôtatai Flow Trail is loads of fun and is easily accessed from Verbier but it isn't totally clear on the trail maps how to get there and back. From Verbier town centre, you could choose to cycle up the roads to the top of the Savoleyres lift to access the start of the trail.

This is easy with an ebike and a long way with a normal bike. Alternatively, as this route shows, you can jump on the Médran gondola lift in town and get off at the first station to access the trail. Note - wearing a mask is compulsory at the moment to use lifts in Verbier. After you're out of the Médran lift, head left and follow the flat traversing fire-road, past the Tete des Etablons.

This road gives you spectacular views high above Verbier.

You'll pass through a tunnel and eventually get to the Croix de Coeur restaurant after about 10-15 minutes.

On the left of the restaurant, follow the red marked singletrack trail for a short distance and you'll be connected with the Chôtatai Flow Trail a little further down from the start. The trail is a blue, listed as number 8 and is mostly easy if you have experience riding mountain bikes downhill.

A full suspension bike is recommended but not crucial.

Obviously, a helmet and pads are recommended.

The trail is mostly flowing berms and doesn't have any serious jumps of drops.

Note - about 1/3 of the way down you will join a fire road.

Follow this to the left for a short distance and then you will see the trail continues to the right.

When we did this, the trail had a red sign and said "all routes".

If you get to Chez Simon, you have gone too far. At the end of the trail, you will join the road in La Tzoumaz to the gondola lift.

Take this back up and if you want, do more laps of the trail! When you're done, you can follow the road back to Verbier.

As this route shows, there is a short section of blue trail in Verbier you can also join.

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