A classic on Innsbruck's doorstep; this man-made single trail offers a variety of playful terrain for most abilities and some optional gap jumps for those looking to get some air time.









FATMAP difficulty grade



The Arzler Alm trail is a man-made track amongst trees offering fast flow single trail for the most part, with a few isolated tree root sections providing a small degree of technical riding, and is manageable for most abilities.

The trail makes good use of the altitude by following the topography of the land and therefore is not too steep either.

For those very advanced/expert riders there are various gap jumps along the trail although care should be taken to scope the landings first because they are often narrow or offline and require some degree of precision.

For the less experienced riders there are "chicken line" options around all of the gap jumps.

The trail starts at approximately 1100 metres and ends at 750 metres altitude.

It is on a south facing aspect so with clear skies it sees the sun all day starting early in the morning.

The trail begins just 200 metres west of the Arzler Alm restaurant, which is a great spot to stop for food or drink with amazing views.