A local's favourite powder run when the resort is tracked out.









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This is a local's favourite powder stash.

There are two main options when you ski Stanley's, the Thredbo side of the valley is short and steep, accessed from the top of Merritt's you drop into the valley by negotiating the trees just north of the unload, before picking any line out of the resort boundary.

Meanwhile the other side of the valley gives a more gentle gradient and holds the snow better than the other side, let alone the spacing of the trees is far better this side.

You can easily traverse to get to the other side of the valley, or even boot pack further up to gain a little more vertical.

Return wise, people often try to ski to the base of Merritt's, whilst others ski alongside the creek and boot up to the Easy Rider T-bar.

In a good season, it's possible to ski down to the day car park next to Friday Flat, but take serious care, there are logs, creeks and more to negotiate through the thick brush lower down.

Again take care with the snow down on Stanley's, deep holes pop up later in the season, and when there is no significant base, they can really catch you off guard, either side of the valley.