The rocky peak drops into mellow gladed terrain, which holds the snow tremendously well









FATMAP difficulty grade



The South Ramshead is often overlooked in favour of it's northerly counterparts, but in fact the area holds some, short, yet good quality skiing, with the area holding some great quality snow when other areas are either tracked out or iced over.

The initial steep drop over the craggy summit holds a steep pitch for the first 150 metres or so of vertical gives way slightly in pitch but gains some really nice gladed terrain, which continues to drop at a nice grade, allowing you to cruise through the trees soaking up spring sun, or pick up speed and get some nice dry slashes in winter.

This area is definitely a pick and mix in terms of lines, there are obvious lines of rocks, which can easily be avoided by simply looking at where you are going, and with creeks often popping up in gullies, the spur lines are the best pick.

The area fills in fairly quickly, and holds well, just take care with the rocks up on the eastern and southern face of the summit.

The best return, is simply hiking up the way you came, and if you are heading back to Dead Horse Gap, hike back up, and traverse over to Bogong Creek.