Steep and rocky, leading into a more open bowl down to Leatherbarrel Creek









FATMAP difficulty grade



The Corrie begins approximately 500 metres north of the Ramshead and follows a major gully westward into Leatherbarrel Creek.

The beginning of the run is typified with a steep entry between two rounded rocky outcrops, and funnels into a relatively narrow chute, before leading to the rider's right, opening out wide and mellowing out slightly.

Cover needs to be good to negotiate the initial rock bands of the chute, whilst the lower more sheltered parts of the run fill in thick and fast.

There can also be plenty of sharks in early season, so really assess the base and cover from using a scoping/warm up run to the north, possibly following the line of the Leatherbarrel Creek Return marked on the map, to give a clear indication of what condition the rocky area is in.

When conditions are icy, this run can be treacherous, but in spring when cover is deep and the snow is soft, it can be absolutely fantastic.

Lines either side of this chute are possible, but again, really assess the conditions and scope carefully, this is serious terrain.

Take care of avalanches here, as there has been debris in the area fairly often.

To return back to Ramshead, the easiest way is to follow the Leatherbarrel Creek Return route noted on the map.