Golden rocks at the top of a continuous fall line down to Leatherbarrel Creek, provides some fantastic skiing with options from the Ramshead into the gully.









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Deriving it's name from the golden rocks at the top of the gully, this run holds a consistent fall line which follows the watercourse down to Leatherbarrel Creek.

Granting epic views, and when conditions are good, holding some awesome snow, this run can be epic, with the runs which feed from the Ramshead side providing some really good steeps which lead down into the gully.

The northerly south facing slopes hold the snow better, with the southerly side of the gully is slightly less steep and it loses it's snow at a far greater rate.

The gully is about 500 metres south of the Ramshead, and snow quality can vary a lot, particularly in the gully and on the southerly side as a result of the water drainage.

The gully is easy to distinguish, with the start situated on the saddle between the Ramshead and Southerly Ramshead, dropping south westerly towards Leatherbarrel Creek.

Take care of the snow levels, and for the return trip, either head straight back up the gully or follow the Leatherbarrel Creek Return track.