Dropping Eastwards down towards Leatherbarrel Creek









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A fantastic eastern run off the larger northerly Twin Hump begins at a consistently steep gradient which is around the 35 to 40 degree mark for the first hundred or so metres, then gradually mellows towards the creek.

When the cover is limited, take care as you head down past the tree line, you may have to bail before the creek, you will have two obvious options down to the creek with two treeless gullies (as shown on the map), otherwise the trees are pretty well spaced to get some nice turns in.

You have a couple of options for dropping in, the easier way is when you are at the northerly summit face east, you will see a large rocky outcrop in front of you with a nice gully swinging to the South East.

This is a wider more mellow face which can hold some really great snow.

The alternative is to head due east to the skiers left of the initial rocky area, stay close to the rocks, and one the pitch start to roll down steeply into the valley, stay right and you will see a variety of lines on offer (refer to the map), which also drop down to the creek.

Skinning back up the slope is possible for repeating, or if you are heading to Dead Horse Gap, head up Golden Gully, or follow the Leatherbarrel Creek return to Ramshead or Thredbo.