Dropping sharply towards the north east of the Northern Twin Hump, this rolls down and mellows before hitting Leatherbarrel Creek.









FATMAP difficulty grade



The first few hundred metres of this run drops sharply to the north east, there is a clear line from the peak itself which heads down through rocky terrain before mellowing out towards Leatherbarrel Creek.

Take care in the first couple of hundred metres of this run as it can be seriously icy and in a melt/freeze cycle creating some boilerplate ice up top, but again in spring this is no issue later in the day.

The top section is best left for later in the season when there is a bit more of a base, nonetheless if you don't mind dodging the odd rock or two, you will find an enjoyable ski down to the creek.

The trees are nicely spaced but the best line seems to be following the drainage gully, which is treeless and often frozen over until later into the season.

The easiest return for this run is either straight back up the face, or heading up Golden Gully if you are heading towards Dead Horse Gap, or if you are heading back to Thredbo, follow the Leatherbarrel Creek return route shown on the map.