The most western of the steep chutes down into Blue Lake.









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Glissade gully is the westernmost chute in Blue Lake, from Twynam head SSW towards Stag Gully, you will see the prominent rocky outcrop at the top of Stag Gully, and keep right (give plenty of room from the edge) and you will begin to see the line of Glissade open up below you with another small outcrop to your right.

Drop down a little, and you will begin to see a much larger outcrop to your left as you head down, hence why it's important you keep away from the drop as you navigate around here.

From there let it rip down to Blue Lake, you have a relatively free run, apart from a rocky section in the centre of the run midway down.

As is the same with the other chutes around Blue Lake, cornices form, and they can and do collapse.

In 2008 a skier was killed in Glissade Gully after a crown collapsed beneath him, burying him metres deep.

Hence the importance of scoping your line and assessing snow conditions is essential in this area, this is not only steep and hard skiing, you must think about what is around the slopes too.

Slides do happen.

Other than that, this chute provides some fantastic skiing opportunities with a safe runout at the bottom, which is so rare in Australia.

This area is best in spring when you are near guaranteed some soft snow, as this area can ice up significantly in winter, otherwise wait for the snow to load up the chutes before tackling them in winter.