Really nice terrain giving way to gladed areas at a nice sustained pitch.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Excluding the elevation lost from skiing down from Alice Rawson Peak, this run starts at around 1800 metres, and continues with a sustained pitch for around 300 metres of vertical once you reach the top of the spur.

In the right conditions this area can hold some really really nice terrain, but the aspect and elevation means that those conditions are rare.

It is hard to go past the other runs off Alice Rawson peak, but in the right conditions, this run is truly worth the extra effort and the views help too.

From Alice Rawson Peak, follow the obvious spur out to the north and stay skiers left of the large rocky outcrop and you should be able to keep enough vertical to get a few more metres before you will need to skin to the top of the spur which hooks left to the west.

The run from there is obvious, just take care for conditions and snow depths on the first run.

The best way back out is skinning up the way you came.