From the summit of Townsend, this run provides 500 metres of continuous fall line, some of the highest on the range









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The West Face provides an incredible mix of skiing and views when conditions are right.

Exposed to the Westerly wind, powdery conditions are rare, yet in spring or if you are lucky enough to catch one, this run can be an incredible addition to your day.

Although the snow doesn't hold as well as the gully, the wide open slope, which gives way to sparse vegetation lower down, grants some nice turns with really nice gradient.

This is one to watch for avalanche activity after the snow falls, and also one to watch for the snow conditions, make sure to take your time the first time down, there may be sharks earlier in the season.

Otherwise, watch out for the weather, and enjoy.

From the summit of Townsend, point your skis North West, and a significant spur line will be apparent, keep right of the ridge line a tad as there are some significant outcrops which can catch you off guard if you aren't expecting it.

After you pass the outcrops, pick a line and let it rip.

I would stop as soon as the you hit the thicker trees, the snow doesn't hold as well as you think below the thicker brush.

Skinning back up will be your best option, head north and up the gully, either boot packing or skinning.