One of the easier routes down from Carruthers Peak to Club Lake.









FATMAP difficulty grade



With a wide open and relatively hazard free face, Route 1 provides skiers with the option of skiing a similar grade, with a little more margin for error.

This route is a great area to explore the conditions, and the terrain, allowing you to gain confidence, without a fall resulting in a face full of rocks.

This is also very useful in scoping lines for later in the day, as well as any obstacle which may have formed over the winter, for example cornices, or bare areas where the snow hasn't quite clung to in other chutes.

Route 1 is commonly skiable into November holding the snow incredibly well compared to other areas on the range, similar to all the routes in the club lake area.

That being said, this area can also be notorious for icy conditions, so spring out here is the best time to head up.

The best way back up to Carruthers Peak, is to head up the gentler western side of the lake then following the ridge line around, above the other routes, to the peak once again.