Consistently steep, cross graded at times and challenging. With a cliff on the side to show off to your mates.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Route 2 is steep, and the cross grade doesn't exactly help your skis to stay on the snow.

The route takes the more obvious and friendly gap between the rocks to the skiers right as you head due south off of Carruthers Peak.

The subsequent line is steep, and keeping close to the left hand side of the gully grants the opportunity to avoid hitting an accidental cliff.

Speaking of which, this cliff is about half way down, and found on the skiers right, with the potential for a lot of air, or a lot of harm, just make sure you stick the landing.

Route 2 again is a great technical run, but hazards do form, cornices in the areas above the chutes occur, thus it is a great idea to take the much more mellow Route 5 to not only scope for these hazards, but also to assess the snow condition, as this area can be extremely icy at times, with the top section below the peak often scoured by the wind.

That being said, the lines in the area hold the snow remarkably well, granting skiable lines into November and doesn't need too much snow in the early season either.

Once again, the best way back up to Carruthers Peak, is to head up the gentler western side of the lake then following the ridge line around, above the other routes, to the peak once again.