The "easiest" descent into Club Lake from Carruther's Peak









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After heading east for around 300 metres from the peak, this route opens out below you with an obvious chute-like bowl, which provides the "easiest" descent down to Club Lake.

This route heads down a wide chute-like face, with a more gentle gradient compared to the other routes which drop from the peak itself, yet still holding a pretty serious gradient, this run the ends with a safe runout onto the frozen Club Lake.

Take care as to the right hand side of this run, there can be some fairly precarious rocks, which can easily take a newbie to the area off guard.

With 200 metres of steep vertical and southerly aspect, this run can hold some pretty treacherous conditions, with cornices forming on some of the rocks and extremely icy conditions after the top of Carruther's is scoured by the wind, this area is best in spring, or after a fresh fall of snow, just always assess avalanche risks before heading out.

The best way back up to Carruther's Peak, is to head up the gentler western side of the lake then following the ridge line around, above the other routes, to the peak once again.

The snow in this area tends to stick well due to the southerly aspect and high altitude, thus these lines are generally skiable with around 75 cm of snow at Spencer's Creek, which can often happen as early as June.