Providing around 400 metres of continuous vertical, this run gives more margin for error compared to the rocky chutes to the west.









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The North Eastern Carruthers Face is named due to it's direction in relation to the peak itself, the face itself actually faces to the north west.

Following the drainage line of James Macarthur Creek, this run begins in the saddle due east of Carruthers Peak.

The line is open, fairly steep, with relatively minor hazards, a few rocky outcrops up at the top drops into wide open terrain down the gully.

This is a great starting point to lead into skiing the chutes and builds up confidence well, as well as providing you with the opportunity to scope a few lines on the way down.

You can continue skiing through the valley alongside James Macarthur Creek in a good year, which can provide some really nice turns before the vegetation gets too thick.

The north westerly aspect of this area does lend itself to some spring melting, but can often hold some really nice fresh snow which gets blown in from the more exposed areas.

The best return for this area is to hike back up the ridge on the north eastern side of James Macarthur Creek, which takes you back to the saddle the run begins on.

Careful in spring as the creek can open up fairly quickly down the slope, so the best bet is to stick to one side of it later in the season.