Often loaded with snow, consistent fall lines and about 400 metres of vertical down into James Macarthur Creek









FATMAP difficulty grade



South Sentinel Ridge holds the snow incredibly well, resulting in a wide canvas for skiers and boarder to choose any line of their choosing.

Running off anywhere on the south face of the ridge out to The Sentinel, this can be accessed by heading South West from Tenison Woods Knoll, and the obvious ridgeline out to The Sentinel's peak soon comes into view.

The southern faces are often loaded with snow late into spring, and are one of the most commonly ridden areas close to The Sentinel.

As a result, there are often many lines on offer, with those further south more craggy than those which start further along the ridge to The Sentinel.

All of the lines on this side of the ridge hold a pitch of over 30 degrees, and as a result they can sometimes slide, so again take some real time to assess conditions.

The snow on this side is also pretty well preserved, so freshies aren't out of the question a few days after a storm.

There are three main gullies stemming from Sentinel Ridge, all of which possess some incredible skiing, and all of which are fairly easy to pick a line and negotiate.

The easiest way to get back up, is to boot pack up to the saddle between The Sentinel and up towards the shoulder of Twynam.

Enjoy this fantastic area.