Featuring a large, steep rugged outcrop on the West slopes, steep long lines down to Strzelecki Creek









FATMAP difficulty grade



First of all you will need to traverse approximately five hundred metres to the west – north west of Tenison Woods Knoll along the relatively flat ridge.

From that point, you will have an incredible view of Watson's Crags further on to the north west.

From this point, drop down following the fall line to the west, keeping mind of the rocky outcrop which should be kept on the skiers left, unless you are keen to drop either straight through the outcrop (requiring a lot of skill, and snow depths) or head to the skiers left of the rock, which drops into a continuous fall line facing west for the whole run down to Strzelecki Creek.

The first option however is the most forgiving of the runs, and is good to use to assess conditions on a questionable day, you will feed into a bowl-like gully (Walter's Gully), which turns south west about half way down, away from the cornice and spur (The Awesome Spur) which marks it's boundary.

This area is a great place to find fresh snow after a fall, and also corns up fantastically in spring.

However the top half of this run is exposed, and can become incredibly icy, thus it is commonly best to use the more forgiving line first to assess conditions.

The best return route is to boot pack or skin up Walter's Gully.