Steep but short with epic views.









FATMAP difficulty grade



A very steep climb for the distance covered.

You will start climbing right away and gain lots of elevation or each KM.

The trail starts off gradual but then starts getting steep.

The begging of the trail could deter people from continuing on but if you can make it past the two very steep loose rock sections where a view is offered you have done the hardest part.

It does back off a bit in relation to how steep it is and not as aggressive near the top.

This hike does off some unique rock stairs and path to follow through the meadow.

It has waterfalls and creeks running and tons of wildflowers which is why you want to get up there. There is a lower meadow where it offers great views and a place to have a snack.

You can continue on for a bit more and see the upper meadow where the camp sites are which gets you right into the rock and mountain exposure.

*do this on a good weather day.

No need working that hard for a nothing view.