Falling away to the west of Tenison Woods Knoll, it acts as the western boundary of The Avalanche Face, heading steeply down to Strzelecki Creek









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Ant Ridge acts as the western boundary of The Avalanche Face, a jagged ridge which from above seems exposed and doesn't seem to provide many options yet on the western side of the ridge, there are some steep lines following the drainage depressions which can collect snow even when the ridge is wind affected.

Dropping into Ant Ridge is fairly easy as it is an obvious ridge line protruding from the Avalanche Face which is visible almost immediately from the western face of Tenison Woods knoll.

These lines are some of the steepest on the range, so experience is definitely required, and scoping out the lines from The Sentinel is often a very good idea.

There is a lot of vertical in a typical season with these lines too which make for some intense skiing or boarding.

The return trip is best done via hiking back up Ant Ridge, or up The Avalanche Face.

Take care if you drop down into Strzelecki Creek as it can become very rugged down there, and should be left for those experienced in the area.