Wide open and gentle with a great view to boot.









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This run is often overlooked in favour of the area around Club Lake, as a result of it's relatively gentle gradient, and its featureless slope.

Yet this is in fact one of the best areas to find a combination of fresh snow and open terrain, and is a great way to finish your day on a really high note as you head home to Charlotte's Pass.

The wide open face grants some really nice turns on the way down which is hard to come by at times, and in the right conditions can be truly appreciated.

This area fills in quickly in winter, so you can easily get a few early season turns up here.

To get to this tasty face, head to Mt Lee and face east the simply drop in towards the creek, and spot your line and go.

To return, simply skin up the face or head up to Carruther's.

One are to take care with is a cornice which can and often does form along the ridge to the south west of the peak.