A relatively featureless and faceless area, providing a nice gentle pitch rolling into steeper terrain towards Leatherbarrel creek









FATMAP difficulty grade



This run is gentle and a great warm up for a day in the backcountry, it also gives you a good indication of snow conditions in the area.

From Simkin Peak head to the north for a couple of hundred metres then turn due east and you will soon see a gully which converges like a funnel down towards Leatherbarrel Creek, for the best snow conditions, keep left of the creek which often freezes over, and get up amongst the trees, as they are really well spaced and holds fresh snow for a few days after a fall.

Due to the gentle slope there aren't too many hazards to take care of, just acknowledge the possible cornice which forms to the left of the gully, hence it's not a good idea to drop in much further north than this gully, as they can and do collapse.

If snow conditions are icy on this run, it is pretty good indicator that you should leave the steeper stuff for later in the day to thaw out.

For the return journey, you can skin straight back up the face or you can follow the Leatherbarrel Creek Return as shown on the map towards Thredbo and Ramshead, or head up Golden Gully to head down to Dead Horse Gap.