Dropping down into Watsons Creek, keeping skiers left of the creek









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This run is essentially a permutation of Watsons Creek Run A, but rather than dropping into the bowl before Tenison Woods Knoll, you drop in within one hundred metres along the ridge to the north.

Be careful not to overshoot as the ridge line after that point holds a pretty sizeable cornice, and unless you plan on launching off it, your only safe option is 500 metres down the ridge.

In heavy snow years, or after fresh falls, do not try the cornice, as the amount of snow can be completely underestimated, with chunks as big as school buses being seen on more than one occasion.

Through traversing further down towards the ridge line which separates Watsons Creek Catchment and Siren Song Catchment, you can find steeper lines which give you a bit more of an adrenaline rush.

If you follow the ridge line, be aware that there are some serious rocky faces which should be avoided midway down, again probably best to scope from a run down the creek line before hucking and hoping.

The best exit for this run is again straight up Watsons Creek back to the saddle between Twynam and Tenison woods knoll.