Off Townsend North Spur, this run follows a steep drainage gully eastwards into Lady Northcote Canyon.









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Avalanche Alley drops down towards Lady Northcote Canyon from Townsend North Spur, which drops to the north from Alice Rawson Peak.

The run begins on a saddle, which is obscured by a large granite outcrop at the top, and is about 1 km from the peak, dropping 300 metres to the saddle, this run down actually provides some really nice skiing before you even get to Avalanche Alley, try to balance skiing along the fall line with traversing so you can always get back to the ridge.

From the saddle, you drop south eastwards down towards the creek, with skiing right down into the valley in a good season.

The downside to this run is that sometimes there just isn't enough snow to make it all the way down to the valley, thus this run is a good one to do in mid winter, or in spring in an above average year.

Avalanche Gully is called that for a reason, hence be aware of conditions before you head down, and it may also help to scope conditions and a line beforehand.

The best return for Avalanche Gully is either up Little Austria for Carruthers, the Racecourse runs, or if you are skinning, following the Lady Northcote Return route on the map is the easy yet longest way back up.