Some of the most unforgiving lines on the continent.









FATMAP difficulty grade



The North Sentinel Ridge Chutes are savage.

They are peppered with serious cliffs and rocks, providing some true extremely steep mountain chutes, the issue with the Australian version as shown here, is that conditions are so changeable that they won't exactly help you avoid the hazards.

I cannot stress enough that if you are a relatively competent skier, that is not enough here, you have to be completely on top of your game and are only skiable in really deep cover, I would suggest around 130-150 cm at Spencers Creek before thinking about this zone.

For those who do fancy a true blue balls to the wall experience, this area will definitely give you your adrenaline fix.

Definitely head down The Avalanche Face to scope potential lines, and as they change from season to season, the lines on the map are purely those which fill in more commonly than others.

Expect drops, head spinning gradients and stay in control or your friends will have to have a chopper on speed dial to get you out.

Don't expect the snow to do you any favours, as a result of the northerly aspect, each day may different between these rocks, and prior planning as you don't want to be skiing these in icy conditions.

Prepare, and wait for the right conditions, this is not an area that will bend to a riders will, respect the mountain.

For the return journey, you can hike back up to the saddle on Sentinel Ridge, or hike up Ant Ridge, or skin up The Avalanche Face.