A very popular 1300 metre downhill even for intermediate skiers. There are many, many variants to do.









FATMAP difficulty grade



The run starts at the Sonnenpiste where it gets really wide, at an altitude of about 2750 metres.

Cross under the black/yellow ropes.

You can ski wherever you want but pay attention to the few cliffs in the middle of the valley.

If you keep left it is easier.

From top of Gemsstock head for the "Sonnenpiste".

You have a few road-like parts which get wide twice.

When the slope gets about 100 m wide, perfect for long carving turns, pass under the yellow/black rope in to the powder. At an altitude of about 2150 metres you may encounter avalanche barriers, keep right of them, because otherwise you will be in a wildlife protection area.

Now you have two possibilities: go right, cross the valley and ski on the west flank of it.

It is very steep above, sunny in the late afternoon and thus not the best idea from March onwards if you are late.

If you are too low, you cannot cross any more to the "avalanche-save" side, for there is a deep canyon. The other option is to keep on the other (west of the river) side until to the forest road.

There you can continue on it until Hospental where you have a ski bus twice an hour, or you cross the road if there is snow enough to continue, until to the main road connecting Hospental to Andermatt.

There you have a 15 minute walk to the Gemsstock cablecar bottom station