600 metres of easy off-piste when the top of Gemsstock is closed.









FATMAP difficulty grade



From the top of the T-bar Luttersee follow the piste until the bridge and from there go straight ahead into the powder.

There are a few little rocks at the beginning.

For about 50 metres it is about 40 degrees, then it gets flatter - 25 to 30 degrees.

Go more or less parallel to the ski lift, then at half-way you can head north (down and on your right) and go for the valley.

There are a lot of dwarf alders now! If there is not enough snow it is not fun - they must be covered if you want to ski over them.

You now ski parallel to the "Talabfahrt" on your left.

There also are two gullies toward the piste, try to avoid them, especially the one close to the "Talabfahrt", for it has a cliff in its middle.

When you arrive 50 metres below the big left turn of "Talabfahrt" you too have to turn left (there is generally a track you can follow), cross the gully and join the "Talabfahrt" a few hundred meters ahead.

If you cross the tracks heading for the "Talabfahrt" you will finish at the river of "Unteralptal" with no chance to cross it. Dwarf alders aren't any guarantee of stable snow.

When they are not completely covered with a good layer of snow, the snow may slip even more easily between their branches and initiate an avalanche!