Many variants to explore close to a marked itinerary, all between 25 and 40 degrees.









FATMAP difficulty grade



From the top of Gemsstock follow "Russi Run", then the yellow poles on your right onto the itinerary.

If you stay on the itinerary, stay 20 metres left or right of the poles to be "safe" and avoid any surprises.

Otherwise, with good conditions, follow the poles for 70 metres, then on the ridge turn right and head to the "avalanche pylon" (which is used to place dynamite and artificially start avalanches) at the same level to the east.

Cross below it and go to the next ridge.

From here you can go wherever you want but if you do not know the terrain, be careful because there are some cliffs.

Just follow the small valleys and runnels, exploring wherever looks fun.

A very nice track goes in direction of the top of the T-bar of "Luttersee".

If you keep hard right, pay attention to the big cliffs, looking towards "Giraf" (NO).

Above "Luttersee" is a wide slope, 45° +, with some cliffs.

Do not ride down there but turn to your right to the T-bar, or to the left to reach "Luttersee".

At the bottom you reach the itinerary again.