A low angle glade/traverse that brings you to the Slide Brook Lines









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The massive valley between Castlerock Peak and Mount Ellen draws attention and inspires curiosity.

One can’t help but wonder what lies within the canyon, though it is no secret that there is skiing.

Even the trail map has an information label for Slide Brook.

Although it can be skied, it is not for everyone.

It is easy to get lost in this massive wilderness and even the resort will tell you it is best to go with a guide.

The official entrance starts at the top of North Lynx Peak, the entrance has a big backcountry warning sign at the top.

Enter here and follow this low angle glade along the the edge of the ravine, do not drop in until you pass under the Slide Brook crossover chair.

You can ski the liftline but it’s more worth it to continue to the glades.

Once you are in the glades you will cross a snowmobile trail a few times.

Ignore this and continue down the glades until the brook is in sight.

Follow the snowmobile access road along the edge of the brook and out to the road.

Wait on the side of the road for the bus that goes between Mount Ellen and Lincoln peak to show up.

The bus will stop for you and take you back the resort.

While you are waiting more and more people will show up at the bottom, seemingly out of nowhere.

But Slide Brook is big enough that you probably won’t see anyone in there while you are skiing.

Although the Slide Brook terrain is not particularly difficult, do not go unless you are an experienced skier.

If you are injured out here rescue will take a LONG time.

You may want to hire an “snow show guide” at the resort or go with a local if you’ve never been here before.