The first, and arguably the hardest glade in Slide Brook









FATMAP difficulty grade



Door #1 is the first glade you’ll see after you pass under the Slide Brook chair.

The entrance is pretty obvious and there is almost always tracks.

The first section of woods is a tight conifer glade that gets tracked out pretty quickly.

If your’re skiing here early season there may be bare spots or exposed stumps.

After a few hundred feet you will cross a snowmobile access road.

Continue down into the next section of woods.

This is more deciduous and you can stray away from the beaten path a bit in search of fresh tracks.

The woods slowly become less steep as you continue down.

Eventually you will hit an access road about 20 feet above the brook.

Follow this out to the road and wait for the bus.

The bus will stop for you and the 30-45 other people who will likely be waiting with you by now.

If the bus is full you may have to wait for the next one.

You will be driven back to either Lincoln Peak or Mount Ellen depending on which way it’s going.

As with any backcountry area, treat Slide Brook with respect.

Don’t go alone and bring a cell phone with you.

If you are unfamiliar with the area, go with a guide or a local.