Low angle hardwood glades on the lower mountain.









Wooded areas are like normal pistes but they are managed differently.

At Sugarbush, wooded areas are patrolled and maintained by the resort and are put on the map like normal trails.

But they are not opened or closed, the skier decides if it is skiable.

This means wooded areas may have unmarked obstacles and snow conditions may be variable without warning.

Skiers need to be prepared for anything when entering.

Witch Hazel starts to skiers left of Lower Downspout and sticks by it until you come out on Header.

These woods are very low angle so keeping your speed is important, especially on powder days.

There is a mountain biking trail that runs through the area, so you may encounter some features such as bridges.

Witch Hazel ends on Header, which takes you to Castlerock Runout.

There can be a drainage that separates Witch Hazel from Header, so you may have to poke around for an exit.