A short climb yields huge results!


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This is about as good as it gets for those who want some fun biking and epic views.

There's a tiny bit of uphill required but it's minimal for the rewards it provides. Ride the Combes chairlift - for much of the trip up you'll have a great view of this adventure.

From the top of the lift ride up a singletrack with leads south via some zig zags.

Some of the ascent is quite steep and you'll almost certainly have to get off and push for a few sections.

The track soon leads to the south-east ridge of the Serre-Chevalier peak, from where you can saddle up and ride a jeep track down to the Col de la Ricelle, the spot where the real riding begins.

Before getting on with it take a moment to enjoy the panorama across the peaks of the Maurienne and over to the mountains surrounding the legendary Mont Thabor.

Drop onto a fun, flowing singletrack and follow it for bend after bend of smile-inducing fun.

The riding is wonderful, with bend after sweeping bend and some great sections of rolling bumps.

After the first initial part of the singletrack you need to follow the mountain carts track (the mountain carts - which are available for hire at the foot of the Combe chairlift - look great fun by the way) and then there's another section of singletrack which leads to a wide track.

Turn left and this and burn down to the Combe chairlift for another lap or a trip down a different trail.