Perhaps the single most fun line at Serre Chevalier!


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In a strong field, this might just be the most enjoyable route in Serre Chevalier - it's smile-inducing, type-1 fun right out of the gate and just keeps on coming. We've drawn this route starting from the Combes chairlift, but the "real" riding on it actually begins from the Casse du Boeuf chairlift.

To get from the Combes lift to the Casse du Boeuf, simply ride down a wide and rocky jeep track. From the Casse du Boeuf chairlift follow the clear signs which direct you onto this route.

There are no major obstacles to mention - the route provides endless well built corners and fun rolls but nothing too technically challenging.

The route shares some ground with the nearby Écoutes red run, but the shared terrain is easy enough.

The only significant landmark on the descent is an amazing wooden roll midway down which looks utterly terrifying as you approach it but ends up being easy and exciting. The highlight of this descent is the middle section, where the terrain seems to be "just right" for this grade of ride, with an ideal angle meeting high quality trail building.

Overall, the route is marginally easier than Mélézine - the blue run on the lower section of the hill. Towards the bottom of this run there is a junction and there's the option of (as drawn here) turning right and following a trail back to the Combes chairlift or turning left and heading straight onto Mélézine.

The junction is pretty hard to miss and if you go left then the terrain is much the same as what's preceded it. Regardless of which way you exit this trail, it will leave you with a smile on your face!