A brilliant romp down the lower part of Serre Chevalier


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This is a brilliant trip down the lower section of the Serre Chevalier bikepark and is a great way to end a day on the trails.

The route we've shown here involves a section of "red" level trail and is graded accordingly - if you ride this line coming from the top part of the mountain, via the Orée du Bois line - the FATMAP grade drops from "Severe" to "Difficult". From the Serre Chevalier mid-station head west onto the red section of trail (named and signposted for "Traverse de Chêne") and drop straight into the forests.

The red section of the trail is tricky and requires crossing some very narrow sections of "northshore" wooden features, and some steep, rocky passages too. If that doesn't sound like your thing, ride "Orée du Bois" from the top of the Combes chairlift, and you'll skip the red section of trail out altogether and get onto the main (blue) part of this ride.

The blue section is great fun, albeit slightly trickier than "Orée du Bois", with some tight bends and rocky rolls.

There are no major obstacles but the lower section of trail can be ridden faster and faster as you learn it, so although hardcore bikers won't be troubled by anything on this route, there's still a challenge to be had in trying to ride it quickly and smoothly.

The tight section just above the northshore feature shown on our photograph is a good example of where you can learn and improve on the trail as you lap it. Eventually the terrain mellows into fields, and from the foot of the route, follow a beautiful little trail which leads you alongside a river back to Chantemerle.