Between Tumbling and Numa Creek camps you’ll cross steep avalanche slopes and a high pass with breathtaking views of the Rockwall.


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This segment is approximately the middle of the Rockwall trek.

On a typical 4-day itinerary, Numa Creek is the second night’s camp, whether hiking northbound or southbound.

Thus, it’s popular and should be booked far in advance if possible.

It’s a rather spacious campground, however, and even when full, it’s a comfortable place to spend the night. If hiking southbound, you’ll cross Tumbling Creek and begin climbing to another high pass.

The gradient lessens eventually, and you’ll stroll among larches and wildflowers while enjoying one of the best views yet.

Below lies an expansive rocky plain with blue-gray lakes and glaciers clinging to the base of the towering Rockwall. When the trail turns downhill, it’s gradual at first, but doesn’t stay that way.

You’ll cross a small creek then go uphill for a bit, before turning dramatically downhill toward Numa Creek.

The steep descent crosses several avalanche paths, sometimes in the barren chutes but usually among an assortment of berry bushes.

Look for the edible ones and watch out for bears.

A final stretch of flatter terrain in the forest brings you to camp. Sources: